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Divinely Delicious, Elevated Edibles

Euphoria Psychedelics is making life a little more sweet and carefree with our wide range of magic mushroom-infused gummies, chocolates, drink mixes and more. Our offerings come in multiple dosage levels to help you control your high from mellow to immaculate, and iconic to all out euphoric.

Convenient & Discreet

Lowkey and easy to consume edibles that you can take anywhere. Try our products find your Euphoria.

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Dangerously Delicious

Taste sooo damn good you’ll want to take more. But hold on bestie, make sure you’re playing safe!

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Customized Doses

From microdosing prior to work or macrodosing on your day off – we’ve got you. Find your perfect high, your way, with the help of our Dosage Guide.

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What’s Your Mushroom Personality?

The skeptic

I’m new to mushrooms and feeling a bit apprehensive. I’m looking to start low and go slow and bring more happiness, well-being, and mindfulness into my life.

The entrepreneur

I’m newer to mushrooms and all about my business. I need a boost in focus, creativity, and productivity in my professional life.

The recreationalist

I’ve used mushrooms before and I’m heading to a party, gathering, festival etc. I want to be able to better enjoy the vibes, connect with others, and feel free and happy.

The healer

I am an experienced mushroom user and I am ready to elevate. I’m looking for a deep and meaningful mind, body and spirit transformational journey.

Our Products

Are you over 19 years old?